Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping and 3D Scanning is a very interesting aspect of life on campus at IT Sligo.
Based in the Innovation Centre, the service is part of the Centre for Design Innovation which focuses on showing Irish companies how important design is in their organization. A very practical way that they do this is in providing small companies, inventors and research students assistance in making their ideas a reality.

Imagine you come to IT Sligo and you want to study industrial design or mechanical engineering, for example. As part of your final year project you want to create an item or an example of your idea. Well to make an actual physical prototype would usually be very expensive and impractical, but thanks to the rapid prototyper this can be done quite easily and is very cost-effective.

You just send over your design in a software format and the Centre for design Innovation can actually print a 3d Prototype – yes, print it. It does this by slowly laying down layer after layer of a kind of plastic ‘build material’ which finally becomes a sample of your object.This is a really great innovation and many great ideas have been brought to reality thanks to this amazing facility.

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Another great piece of technology is the 3D scanner. Let’s say you have an object – for example an i-phone and you have designed an innovative carry case that charges the phone by detecting your body movement.

You need to make the case so that it fits exactly. So the phone’s exact dimensions could be captured using the 3D scanner and a case could be designed that would fit exactly. 3D scanners are also used to reverse engineer items.

Let’s say your dad restores old tractors or classic cars and he needs to have a piece moulded or made. The tractor might be rare and it might be difficult to source the parts. Enter the 3D scanner again!! You can scan a sample, create a software version and then send it to a moulding device that can create a new piece in the exact dimensions as the original! Exciting, isn’t it?!

At Campus Camp at IT Sligo, you’ll get a chance to see this technology up close and personal. You’ll see how this subject can be used to make new and funky ideas a reality. So if you think you could be an inventor of the next really cool gadget, the subjects and facilities at IT Sligo are the pathway to achieving that.

So join us at Campus Camp course at Summer camp Ireland. You’ll see these really great facilities and equipment, get to talk to the people who use them every day and, more importantly, see if this is something you’d like to be a part of your academic future.

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