What an exciting subject! The future of industrial design will have mechatronics at its centre. Indeed so many projects that inventors will create in the future will be possible due to the wonder of mechatronics.
Using programming, electronics, robotics and mechanical engineering, factories of the future will be designed by mechatronics graduates. It’s exciting because mechatronics has the potential to bring to reality so many great ideas. Today many of the most innovative and cost effective production facilities implement mechatronics.

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Many of the problems in manufacturing in Europe and the US are connected to the high price of labour and set up costs,but Mechatronics could be part of the solution that will bring manufacturing back to developed countries.

So, if you are an imaginative and creative person with an interest in problem solving, mechatronics might be the subject for you.

‘Smarter therefore cheaper’ will replace “cheaper therefore cheaper” as the keyword in manufacturing. Mechatronics will play a key role in making factories and companies more competitive. So if you want to get hands on with this fascinating experience, join us at Campus Camp!