The activities at Summer Camp Ireland are really great. All the students from around the world take part in the activities together and there is always a great nationality mix in activities as well as in class and in the accommodation.

After an exciting morning of intellectual stimulation either in Campus Camp lectures, or in language classes for the English language students or culture classes for the students on the Come Home programme, students get ready for an afternoon and evening of great activities.

It might be surfing, horse riding, hill-walking, eagle-flying, archery, shooting, sports, celtic stain glass painting, celtic clay modelling.

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Last summer the students on the Summer Camp Ireland project were blessed with great weather and were delighted to get out and about in the Sligo landscape which is a real treat. The great thing about the Summer Camp Ireland activity programme is that all activities bring you closer together with new friends from all over the world.

You get to walk the Sligo landscape and we bring you to some of the most stunning beauty spots in the North West. Fresh air, exercise, good conversation are all part of getting out into the hills and forests surrounding Sligo.

Our students often comment how great they feel after an afternoon of orienteering, treasure hunts in the Sligo landscape. Great photo opportunities to bring back home to show Mom and Dad and of course the beginning of new friendships with other students from all over the world that often continue through social media for years to come.

We call these activities ‘Talking Walks‘ as they involve a strong element of communication, so that the students you barely knew at the beginning of the exercise will be laughing and chatting with you at the end.

What’s really special about the activity programme is that it’s where so much of the bonding and meeting of new friends takes place.
There really is nothing like meeting and making new friends, especially meeting people from around the world. They are so interested in meeting you too! They want to know all about you and are as curious about your life in Ireland as you are about their life in their country!