Campus Camp

July 9th – 22nd 2012, IT Sligo

So, in no time at all, they’ll be heading off to college….

What we have to offer for our students;

Full & Engaging Timetable

International Student Mix

Great Activity Programme

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So in no time at all, you’ll be off to college…

That’s why the Campus Camp programme here at Summer Camp Ireland is ideal for you.

If you’re between 14 and 17 years of age and you intend to go on to third level education one day…

and you love meeting people from other countries…

and you love doing cool and interesting activities with your new friends…

and you’d like to try out independent living on campus…

…well, you get the picture!!!

We’ve got it all!

Campus Camp at IT Sligo will introduce you to a range of third level subjects in an interesting and engaging format. You’ll be taught by some of the brightest young graduates and undergraduates on campus who’ll explain what each subject is all about, what’s involved and what leaving cert subjects are required to do it.

You’ll also be introduced to some of the award winning learning technologies used in third level education today – in which IT Sligo is recognized as being the forerunner.

Get great advice on study tips, note taking and essay writing that will be of benefit in secondary school. Return in September and impress your teacher with your improved performance.

See what is ahead of you after your leaving cert and be better prepared for what lies on the other side. Get advice on the dos and donts of independent living on campus and experience it for yourself together with students from France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Korea, The US, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Brazil.

Go on interesting field trips that are connected to the subjects, and get a feeling for what you’d like to study when you become an undergraduate.

In the afternoons, enjoy fun and relaxing activities together with your new friends from around the world. Experience the Sligo lifestyle and do activities like surfing, horse riding, eagle flying and hillwalking.

On Saturdays go on a day long trip to either Westport and Achill or Donegal. Walk up to Slieve Liag – the highest sea cliffs in Europe and enjoy the conversation along the way, quietly proud of the magical landscape and the admiring gasps from your friends from overseas.

Evenings are packed full of fun activities where you will laugh, relax and get to know each other better….but definitely lots of laughing and fun.

Campus Camp at Summer Camp Ireland; the only thing missing…is you!


Experienced Campus Staff
24/7 Security
Test drive college life
Full & Engaging Timetable
International Student Mix
Great Activity Programme
Family Package Available




At Summer Camp Ireland we deal in the most precious commodity in the world – your children.

That’s something we take very seriously and over the years hundreds of parents and educational agencies from around the world have entrusted their teenagers’ education, well-being and care to us; with many returning year after year.

In fact, this summer will see us take on our 2,000th student since we started in 2003.

That’s a lot of courses, packed lunches, bus transfers, trips, activities, and bed nights under our belt, so you can be assured we’ve got the hang of it by now.

Campus Camp is an original programme that you won’t find anywhere else in the country. Your teens will attend a specially designed social and academic programme here in IT Sligo that will introduce them to many of the subjects in third level education.

Quite simply, they will get to test drive college life.

At Summer Camp Ireland we have a sensible balance between fun and control – we’re parents too.

Everyday has a full and interesting schedule from 8:00am to 22:30pm, so everybody’s busy and engaged.

Security and school monitoring staff are on duty 24/7 on the campus and in the residence.

Your son or daughter will be assigned a liaison – this is a member of staff that will meet them several times per day (usually at the start and end of each day and at all meal times) ensuring that they are happy and in a positive frame of mind.

There is a great international atmosphere on campus and your son or daughter is guaranteed to meet, live and mix with other teens of a similar age from around the world, so there will be a wonderful cultural exchange and a chance to make friends from other places. We find that these friendships often last for years through correspondence and visits.

We also have a family package. That’s right, you can come with the whole family and your Campus Camp teenager can live just five minutes away  with other international teens – or with you and the rest of the family – it’s up to you. We have high quality self-catering family apartments just beside the campus, so if you feel like coming along for the trip (even just for a couple of days until your son or daughter is settled in) we can facilitate you.