The great thing about surfing at Summer Camp Ireland is the way it brings everyone together for an afternoon of wild wet fun. You’ll set off after lunch in an internationally mixed group with your new friends from around the world.

On arrival at the surfing beach, your group will meet up with your own team of professionally qualified surfing instructors who will get you set up with wet suit and a board. Then you’ll all make your way together down to the beach and your instructors will go through the basics of surfing from the comfort of the beach.
This is important as it will help get you off to a good start and you will gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of surfing. Also, it will help you achieve more on the board. The instructors are experienced, friendly and very clear communicators.

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You’ll learn the moves and positions you’ll have to get used to and your instructors will take any questions and will make suggestions on how to improve your stance.

And then it’s…Go! Go! Go!

Everyone heads into the water together with their instructors -glancing nervously at their friends from around the world and wishing each other luck. Your instructors will show you how to read the waves and anticipate when to jump on your board.

You’ll practice jumping on and trying to stand – that’s the hard part! And for most of the afternoon, you’ll spend a lot of your time falling off your board and laughing yourself silly at yourself and your friends. Then eventually you’ll manage to get up on your board, stay on and raise your fists in the air in triumph yelling happily in victory …before falling off again, getting a mouthful of sea water and looking around to find your board again.

And you start all over again, a nod of respect and recognition and a brief pat on the back from your instructor and you walk tall back out into the surf, ready to take on the ocean again.

At the end of the day as you all get on the bus and prepare to head back to the campus, you realise that you’re hungry and are looking forward to dinner. Just then one of the group who smiled shyly at you earlier on your way out to the beach

offers you a piece of their orange and a conversation starts.

You return to the campus and now you sit together in the canteen at dinner, joking and laughing about everything that happened throughout the afternoon, and suddenly you realise that you are no longer surrounded by a group of foreigners, but by new friends.

That’s life at Summer Camp Ireland!And that’s what we mean when we say… “Come Home and meet the World”