So what courses can I do?

Every student goes through a lot during the school year; keeping up with their work-load, handing in assignments and generally feeling the pressure of school life.
In summer they are faced with the need for a change of pace and focus, but they feel the need to continue being motivated intellectually. Summer Camp Ireland does exactly that.


Culture & Heritage Programme
This course is ideal for students from abroad who have either a family connection with Ireland or a passion for all things Celtic. Students fill the gaps in their basic knowledge of Ireland and swiftly progress to learning the more engaging aspects of Irish Culture and Heritage.

Discover Ireland’s often complex relationship with the rest of the world and the influence of the world on the Irish.

Uncover many of the treasured secrets of the Irish landscape, family names, and learn about some of the most famous Irish people that no one has heard of.

Find out what makes up the Irish gene pool and which of our most famous sons and daughters have other cultural influences in their family and political story.


English Language Programme
Non-native speakers of English improve their English language skills with us every year. Coming from all over the world, our EFL students attend courses that help them gain a higher level and pass the next test or exam on their language journey. This is our longest running programme and still one of our most popular.

Our course content is stimulating and enjoyable.
Students get to see things from a new perspective. The learning tempo is more measured and students absorb content in a different way. There is no exam, but students work together to produce a video documentary of everything they’ve learned, which they can upload and share with friends and family afterwards.


Campus Camp – Third Level Preparation Programme
Students are introduced to many of the fascinating subjects on offer at third level. They attend lectures and presentations specially designed for them and suitable to their stage of education.
As well as sampling subjects at third level, there are modules on effective study skills, essay writing, note taking and advice on independent living and the dos and donts of life on the modern campus.
Students are also introduced to the newest trends in on-line learning and get hands on at every opportunity.


  • Have a Change of Academic Pace

  • Study in an International Group of New Friends

  • Learn About Ireland From a New Perspective

  • Be Intellectually Stimulated





At Summer Camp Ireland we make the learning curve a rollercoaster ride and the fact that they are part of an international group adds an

exciting slant to the experience. As our activities programme is so full and such good fun, the bonding and friendship that develops is very special and allows students to return home with a new global network of friends.
When they arrive back at school or go on to college, they feel relaxed and refreshed, but they haven’t lost touch with the learning process and they can bring the benefits of their experience to their academic work. They have visited an enchanted land, learnt new things, made great friends and had the experience of a lifetime.




  • Genealogy- Learn about the famous Irish names in world history. Learn if you have any Irish ancestors. Are you of Irish descent? Where did your family come from?
  • Irish Language- learn some of the basics of Irish (Don’t worry! Nothing too difficult, just enough to impress your friends and family on St. Patrick’s Day!
  • Reading the landscape – explore and learn about the landscape of today and understand its origins
  • Archaeology – learn about Ireland’s Megalithic and Neolithic past. Older than the Egyptian pyramids, older than Stonehenge, older than the tombs of Mycenae, Ireland’s archaeological heritage is very very special.
  • Celtic Influence- learn about Celtic art & design. Discover how it influenced culture, religion, society and language.
  • From Civil War to Celtic Tiger- Learn how modern Ireland was formed. How do the modern Irish regard their country today?
  • Mythology- the who’s who of Celtic Mythology. Learn about the great deeds, the famous places, and the really special characters from Celtic Myth that have left their stamp on our land. Visit their graves, see their monuments and learn how they influence the Irish spirit today.
  • Literature- Music and Dance