Solid Works & Mechanical Engineering

Solid Works & Mechanical Engineering

Whenever the modern inventor wants to design a prototype they have to create a working model that has the correct dimensions, size colour etc. So students at IT Sligo studying subjects such as mechanical engineering or industrial design often have an idea that they’d like to make a reality and the first step is to get hands on with a design software programme – such as Solid Works. This allows students to not only create a soft-copy concept of the item but also test it’s moving parts, size, material strength.

So if you’re currently in secondary school you may already have some experience of using solid works on some projects. At Campus Camp at IT Sligo you’ll get to see more of the advanced skills yet to be achieved on this software.

You’ll also be shown how the software is used in connection with mechanical engineering projects at third level and in the workplace.

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A common misconception amongst secondary students is that if they are artistic there is no place for them in engineering.
In fact many of the top design graduates in the world currently working at the cutting edge of design started out working on very simple projects.

Take for example the story of David Caffrey – a graduate of IT Sligo who left secondary school when he was 16 to work as a panel beater before returning to complete his leaving cert a year later. He eventually found himself studying a diploma in Industrial design at IT Sligo as part of his academic journey. David’s career reached a high point when he went on to join the team at Audi in 2000 where he first worked on the Audi Q3 and went on to become the chief designer for the exterior design on the Audi Q5.
One thing we like to impart at Campus Camp is that the path to your career destination is not always a direct or easy one and that when you’re 14 or 15 years old in secondary school, just because you don’t know exactly what it is you want to do, doesn’t mean that your ideal career isn’t out there waiting for you. David Caffrey’s academic story was colourful and his journey winding and he got to where he is now after many ups and downs.
David went on to help build a relationship between Audi and IT Sligo and recently the Head of Design in Audi, Germany Stephen Sielaf, was very complimentary of presentations made by Creative Design students from IT Sligo on the subject of mobility which they gave at Audi offices in Germany.

And all this began because a 16 year old boy who liked cars and left school to work in his dad’s panel beating shop finally found himself as a senior designer in a world leading car company.

So join us at our Campus Camp course at Summer Camp Ireland.

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